Noise Heard About a PowerTech Replacement

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Supertrax has been hearing rumblings about a new big-inch 2-stroke from Ski-Doo.

With the recently reported sales success of the 600 E-Tec and its Ficht direct injection technology, it just makes sense Ski-doo would move the E-Tec further up the line.

As it is this year, the 800R Powertech engine already has the liquid cooled crankcases a direct injection mill requires and the 800R could easily be upgraded to direct injection by using the Ficht cylinders and heads adapted to the 800’s larger displacement bottom end.

Here’s what’s interesting about this rumor. The question has been raised: “If Ski-doo is going to follow the above plan, why would it limit displacement to 800ccs and about 150 horsepower?”

With Arctic Cat’s ’09 Twin Spar Turbo pumping out 170-plus hp, why would the new Ficht big bore be any less?

It just doesn’t fit Ski-Doo’s profile to come with less power. We’re looking for a new direct injected 850 or maybe even a 900.

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