New Plan for Ski-Doo Backed Race Sleds

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Apparently Ski-Doo wants to mirror the successful launch sequence used in 2002 when the original beaver tail 800 REV hit the ground as a limited build while the racing camps, particularly the Warnert organization, raced then-new Mod REVs and ZX based 440 stockers in the same season.

Rumor has it Ski-Doo will be requiring its factory backed teams to ditch current 600 Mods based on the current 440 racer chassis in mid-January to race the new 600 Mod “REV II”.

While this would make sense from a marketing standpoint we’ve heard there’s some unrest in the yellow trailers. We can understand why. It takes a lot of time and effort to dial in race sleds and early season races are really test beds for that process.

To switch up part way through the year to an all-new chassis would be asking a lot of the teams racing Ski-Doo snowmobiles. Stay tuned.

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