New Executive Takes the Reins at the OFSC

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Press Release –

The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) is very pleased to announce its new Executive for a two-year term commencing immediately. The volunteer snowmobilers elected by the OFSC Board of Governors for these important positions are:

President: Bruce Robinson
Bruce resides in Kemptville and most recently has served as the Governor for OFSC District 1 and Co-Chair (with wife, Liz Robinson) of the OFSC Volunteers In Action (VIA) Committee.

Vice President: Michel Garon
Mitch hails from Kapuskasing and most recently has served as the Governor for OFSC District 15 and as a member of the OFSC Trails Committee.

2nd Vice President: Mike Kuechler
Mike lives in Holland Landing and was the incumbent for 2nd Vice President. He also serves as Governor of OFSC District 4.

Secretary-Treasurer: Brenda Welsh, CGA
A resident of Huntsville, Brenda commences her 4th term as OFSC Secretary-Treasurer.

In his election platform, Bruce stated that his top priorities are people and product. He intends to focus on the volunteers that form the backbone of the OFSC and on the trails they operate for the enjoyment of tens of thousands of Ontarians and visitors.

As a team-builder, Bruce will work to renew organizational pride and enhance team spirit with a “How can we help?” approach. Bruce sees his role as analogous to an orchestra conductor, whose job is to encourage many diverse and skilled players to deliver outstanding performances as part of Team OFSC. On behalf of the Board, Bruce extended heartfelt appreciation to retiring President Dennis Burns for his six years of OFSC leadership and accomplishment.

Together with OFSC General Manager Paul Shaughnessy, the new Executive forms the Executive Committee (EXCOM), which is empowered by the Board to conduct the general business of the OFSC as set out by through its policies, procedures and budgets.

The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs is dedicated to providing strong leadership and support to member clubs and volunteers, to establishing and maintaining quality snowmobile trails which are used in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, and to furthering the enjoyment of organized snowmobiling.

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