Market May See Direct Injection of Technology

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We have it from good sources there will be at least one more manufacturer other than Ski-Doo offering a direct injection 2-stroke by model year 2010.

With DI technology licenses owned by every OEM, we have to think the next DI system we’ll see in the sno-mo-biz will be Mercury Marine’s Orbital technology.

Let’s speculate, shall we? Arctic Cat and Polaris have owned license arrangements with Orbital when both companies produced Personal Watercraft (PWC). In fact, both sledmakers brought direct injection PWCs to the market before exiting that segment of the industry.

Yamaha? Yeah, right – a 2-stroke? Wait a minute… Yamaha has its own proprietary DI system called Yamaha High Pressure Direct Injection (YHPDI) and the system is used in Yamaha V-6 outboards.

Keep in mind Yamaha is a world leader in 4-stroke outboard production but still offers a full line of 2-stroke outboards. Hmm?

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