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Snowmobiling has quickly gone global and this winter has been an especially interesting one for me and those involved in snowmobiling around the world.

The market in the European Union has been growing dynamically over the last few years and this winter I’ve had the opportunity to meet with snowmobile enthusiasts from Poland, Slovenia, Germany, Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

Their enthusiasm towards snowmobiling mirrors the enthusiasm of North American snowmobilers and they marvel at the quality of the machines and the beautiful scenic spots the snowmobiles enable them to visit.

Snowmobilers throughout Europe and Russia are building trail systems, riding areas, and forming clubs based on the North American model. Travel writers and Visitor and Convention Bureaus from around the world are visiting the North American Trail Systems and learning from Club members how to build trails and promote snowmobiling.

The enthusiasm of these new snowmobilers is infectious and is being joined by favorable government and trade representatives who are helpful and interested in creating and nurturing a snowmobile-related tourism business in their own countries.

Snowfalls throughout most of North America and Europe this year have surpassed records set more than 100 years ago and it is common to find snow depths exceeding 5-6 feet.

It appears many of us will be snowmobiling into the spring, which often provides some of the greatest snowmobiling of the year. The relatively warm, sunny long days add to the enjoyment of snowmobiling.

In Northern Scandinavia, some of the best snowmobiling occurs in late March into April. I’m sure the folks getting sand in their shorts in April have no idea of the fun and beauty they are missing snowmobiling in Early April – glistening white snow accented by crystal clear blue sky and an amazing orange sunrise or sunset.

More folks throughout the world are enjoying snowmobiling and it’s just one more example showing how we are far more alike than some would believe. We are looking forward to many great years expanding snowmobiling worldwide and welcoming new friends to our growing chorus of outdoor winter enthusiasts.

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