Limited Build Predictions from Supertrax Staffers

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Here’s what we think the sled makers might release before the end of this season:


Look for a limited-build (one per dealer) REV II wearing Renegade clothes and powered by the new-last -year 800R PowerTek engine.

If this new Gen II REV is lighter than its predecessor, Ski-Doo could release an X-package 121 incher to more clearly make its point.


We think Polaris wants to shore up credibility and sales in the popular flat land, deep snow marketplace. This means they need a 136 inch IQ to compete with Ski-Doo’s Renegade chassis, Arctic’s CrossFire platform and the 4-stroke Rage and Attak from Yamaha.

If we were betting folks – and you know, we’re not – we think a 600 IQ CFI with a 136 inch IQ (not mountain) skid makes a lot of sense.

It would also be easier for Polaris to drop such a model as a limited build this season, as it doesn’t compete with other Polaris models now in showrooms, except for maybe the Switchback.

Arctic Cat:

While we think it’s unlikely AC will debut any consumer oriented limited builds this season we do expect Thief River falls will show off an F-based Open Mod sno-X racer before the end of the season.

This new “F- Sno-Pro” will foreshadow next year’s racing Sno Pro expected to be powered by a 600cc engine as the sport moves away from 440 stock engines in 2008.


The highly sensitive Supertrax RADAR has picked up some unusual (for Yamaha) signals indicating something limited is in the works for this winter. Yamaha has not been in the habit of releasing early-builds so this info is potentially earth shattering.

While no details are available at this writing, January’s Sneak Peek event may see the intro of an SE variant of a popular Yamaha. How about a signature series Robbie Malinoski Nytro or Phazer?

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