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Helmetlight, Inc., the manufacturer of the LEAD-DOG Helmet Light has teamed up with the Tesoro Iron Dog Snowmobile Race to sponsor the World’s Longest Snowmobile Poker Run.

The recreational class ride is from Big Lake to Nome which is half the distance of the 2,000 mile Iron Dog Race.

Helmetlight, Inc.’s president, Bill Fischer, said that their reasoning for putting on such an event, was “to increase participation in the recreational class and get these rider’s additional glory “.

The poker run seemed to be the perfect idea in order to reward the recreational class rider’s for their efforts in getting to Nome traveling the same grueling trail that the Pro Class Riders take.

Fischer state’s, “after I rode the trail break crew from just Big Lake to McGrath, let me tell you about a tough ride!”

Each recreational class rider gets to pick a card at the start of the race/ride, three cards along the trail, and the last card in Nome at the Half Way Banquet. The top three hands then split the prize purse which looks to be around $15,000 this year.

The LEAD-DOG Helmet Light is a helmet-mounted halogen spot, tail and brake light. Because it’s mounted on the helmet, the light shines where you are looking, not just where your machine is pointing.

That’s a marked improvement for riders searching for trail markers, signs and hazards that can come out of nowhere. You’ll be seen by other riders at greater distances, from all angles, and on uneven terrain from up to a mile away from the glowing red housing. The integrated brake light lets other riders behind you know your intentions.

The LEAD-DOG Helmet Light works for all 12-volt systems, AC or DC. Its lightweight (8 ounces) because it operates off the vehicles own electrical system or battery. No bulky battery packs.

Its compact sizes allows storage in a coat pocket and it is attached to the helmet with a proven VELCRO system. The average handyman can easily install the LEAD-DOG Helmet Light in an hour using ordinary hand tools.

It’s wired into the existing headlight and brake system with a simple connection of three wires.

Already tested during Alaska’s grueling dark winters, this rugged light is a must have for serious riders. Retail price is $ 84.95 US.

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