Improvements to ’08 F-series sleds

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Not seen at Snow Shoot

A) Intake Side Vents (ALL Twin Spar Models)

Intake side vents will NOT have the plastic “honeycomb” pattern. Intake side vents will resemble the M-Series/Crossfire screen material. Prevents intake vent snow ingestion. Retrofits 2007 models.

B) Textured Panels (ALL Twin Spar Models)

Lower side panels and lower portion of the rear tunnel plastic will have a textured finish. Finish will resemble the same textured hand hold area on the front bumper. Reduces scratching and buffing of the plastic in these vulnerable areas.

C) Improved clutch calibration

– F1000 will have heavier weights in drive clutch for better acceleration and performance
– F1000 has 46/40 helix in the driven clutch and 3-post drive clutch

D) EFI calibration

– F6, F8 and F1000 have upgraded fuel mapping to the EFI system
– This will increase performance at any altitude.

E) Exhaust Deflector (ALL Twin Spar Models)

A new exhaust deflector has been designed to redirect hot exhaust gasses away from the side panel.

F) Cobra Track on F-Series Sno Pros

Sno Pro models come standard with a new 1.25″ Cobra Track. Testing has shown this track provides very good traction in loose snow and has shown consistent high speed results comparable to the 1” lug.

G) Clutch guard (ALL Twin Spar Models)

Removal of the clutch guard is now easier with 2-pin quick-pull design.

H) F8 Gearing

F8 gearing has changed to 64/56 for top end performance gains. 2007 F8 gearing was 62/58.

I) Side Panel Rear Vents (By knees) (ALL Twin Spar Models)

Rear vents have improved locking design with longer tabs.

J) Rear Suspension (F Series/Jaguar)

Rear suspension arm strengthened to eliminate possible bending. Race-proven design in 2006 Cross Country racing.

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