Go Snowmobiling Facebook Page is Growing

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The Go Snowmobiling Facebook page is a new way for snowmobilers to socialize. Facebook pages offer a new way to harness a prehistoric instinct – to communicate with other people.

Snowmobilers LOVE to socialize and share their experiences, and Facebook makes it that much easier.

All of us can become more outgoing and it is especially helpful to stay in touch with our new, young snowmobilers who find Facebook the most efficient way of staying in touch and being involved in the activity.

The Go Snowmobiling Facebook page can enable you to find old or new snowmobiling friends. You can share photos on the page and let each other know what you thought about the trails, the riding areas, the scenery, and let everybody know about the fun you had very simply.

The Go Snowmobiling page is growing daily. It should be known that approximately 1 in 7 minutes spent online worldwide is spent interacting with people on Facebook.

Facebook is a powerful platform for social marketing. Billions of interactions on Facebook influence everything from the clothing we buy to the politicians we vote for.

The Go Snowmobiling Facebook page has been created for all of us and we encourage you to “like” our page and to consider setting up your own organization’s page on Facebook – whether it is at the club, association or regional level.

We know that snowmobilers enjoy each other’s company and love to share the beautiful views and pictures we all take and post.

One of the most important reasons people snowmobile is to be with friends and family and to share the experience. Facebook gives us another opportunity to do that on a broader basis.

The Go Snowmobiling Facebook page serves as a conduit for sharing snowmobiling information – whether it be related to your Take a Friend Snowmobiling campaign or reaching out to communicate with other like-minded individuals about your snowmobiling experiences.

Our page is growing and we encourage you “like” us at www.Facebook.com/Gosnowmobiling and interact with fellow snowmobilers through this amazing medium.

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