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Online Used Sleds Sales Part of National Go Snowmobiling Campaign

Press Release –

SLEDS2BUY.COM is Canada’s new classified powersports website dedicated to buying and selling motorized recreational vehicles. By listing snowmobiles, ATV’s or trailers on SLEDS2BUY.COM, sellers can connect with thousands of powersports enthusiasts nationally and in every province.

SLEDS2BUY.COM is one important initiative in a national “Go Snowmobiling” strategy launched this year by the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO), the umbrella organization that represents Canada’s provincial and territorial snowmobiling associations.

“Go Snowmobiling is geared to bring new participants to recreational snowmobiling and these folks will want their own sleds,” said Dennis Burns, executive director of the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO). “SLEDS2BUY.COM provides a user friendly way for people to shop, compare and buy online from an array of affordable sleds that otherwise would not be accessible or available to them.”

Starting September 14th, SLEDS2BUY.COM provides four distinct benefits for building a stronger snowmobile industry, according to Burns.

Benefit #1 is that SLEDS2BUY.COM gives all riders an affordable, accessible new outlet for listing used vehicles and equipment. This availability promises to spark increased entry-level, used sled sales, and to encourage more grassroots participation in snowmobiling, especially among first-timers, families who need inexpensive second or third sleds, and those wanting to get back into snowmobiling again at a modest cost. In turn, these participants will be more likely to trade up as their interest and involvement in snowmobiling increases.

Benefit #2 is that SLEDS2BUY.COM provides many existing owners, who have not previously been able to sell their sleds privately or use them to trade up at a dealer, with a new opportunity to turn their used vehicles into cash. Their new found buying power will help boost new and non current sales from dealers and strengthen the market position of the four snowmobile manufacturers, Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo and Yamaha.

Benefit #3 is that SLEDS2BUY.COM provides dealers with a new way to move their own used sleds and non-current inventory. This in turn, will help dealers build their bottom lines, attract new customers, and increase their willingness to take sleds in on trade.

Benefit #4 is that SLEDS2BUY.COM provides organized snowmobiling with a new revenue stream, since a portion of every listing fee going to support CCSO national safety and environment programs and the trail operations of CCSO member associations. With these new dollars flowing, snowmobiling in Canada will become even better for all riders, and best of all, these improvements should also help fulfill the Go Snowmobiling mandate by attracting additional new participants.

SLEDS2BUY.COM offers a two-tier fee structure, where sellers can list their sleds provincially or nationally. The fee for a 30-day national listing, including up to 30 photos is $30, or as Burns likes to say, “30-30-30”! Bulk listings of ten or more non-current and used sleds are available to dealers at a very attractive rate.


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