Gen-Y Appeal?

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Ski-Doo’s early launch of the 2006 Freestyle has sent serious shock waves through the industry. The idea of building a cheap, low powered snowmobile is not earth shattering news.

Here’s what we think is unique – and important – about the Freestyle. Cheapo sleds don’t sell to people who know snowmobiling. Furthermore, low-cost snowmobiles don’t sell to Gen-Y either. Why? We love bold graphics, big logos and bright colors – red, blue, orange and yellow – with flames and checkered flags. Gen-Y hates that look and prefers beige, bland grey, flat black and pukey green. We love jacked up 4×4’s with big tires and diesel engines. Gen-Y loves Honda Civics with the bumpers dragging on the ground.

The Freestyle is not about the traditional understanding of entry level. In fact, the term “Entry Level” doesn’t apply anymore. The Freestyle is about a new kind of market – a market this sport has been missing. If you think the Freestyle looks different you might want to get used to it.

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