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If we were gambling folks (and we aren’t) we’d say the much talked about, rarely seen, widely expected and greatly feared Gen II REV will debut sometime this coming winter.

Look for a limited-build intro on a scale similar to the 2002 launch of the original REV. Remember the excitement the beaver-tail 2003 REV generated when it was thrown into the market during the 02 sales season?

What engine would Ski-Doo use in a limited-build, reloaded-REV? It’s pretty clear the new Summit-only small block 800R with liquid cooled cases will replace the current Power-Tek 800 in the near future.

We think liquid cooled cases on the “little” 800 points to the use of a full-on SDI system for flatland 121 inch trail sleds.

Click here for info on Ski-Doo’s Rotax 2-stroke engine.
Click here for info on Ski-Doo’s new Exo Series helmet.

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