Funds Awarded to State & Provincial Associations

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Press Release –

For the third consecutive year, Polaris has made contributions through its “Winning Riders” program to state and provincial snowmobile associations based on sales of new Polaris snowmobiles in each area.

Polaris has also announced it is extending the Winning Riders program through the 2008 sales season, meaning contributions will be made next year based on retail sales between April 1, 2007-March 31, 2008.

To bolster the program, Polaris also announced it would be making four-times the donation for each Polaris 4-stroke snowmobile retailed.

“The growing interest in our strong 4-stroke lineup has prompted us to increase next year’s Winning Riders contributions,” said Polaris Snowmobile Division General Manager Scott Swenson. “This program is one way we give back to the sport and support the organizations that are the very foundation of recreational snowmobiling today.”

Polaris contributes to the state and provincial snowmobile associations with “no strings attached,” meaning each group can decide how to use the funds. Projects funded by Winning Riders donations in recent years include membership drives, trail and grooming programs, legislative efforts and tourism promotion.

Polaris 4-stroke snowmobiles are extremely popular among active members of associations and local clubs. Along with delivering outstanding performance and snowmobiling’s best ride and handling, Polaris 4-strokes are environmentally friendly, run clean and quiet, offer excellent fuel efficiency and are ideal for long-distance touring.

Polaris 4-stroke snowmobiles for model year 2008 include the IQ® Turbo Dragon®, IQ® Turbo LX, IQ® Cruiser, Turbo Switchback, FST IQ® Touring and FS IQ® Touring.

The Winning Riders contributions have been made to associations in virtually every state and province across the snowbelt and to groups representing several southern states not commonly regarded as snowmobiling havens.

Associations in the state of Minnesota and the province of Alberta were recipients of the largest contributions in their respective countries.

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