Finally, A Yamaha Rumor!!

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We remember when it was tough to dig up a rumor about a Yama-rocket. Not any more! Look for model year 2008 (that’s next year) to intro a radically re-engineered Vector chassis.

We think Yamaha will do to the Vector what it did to the RX-1 two years ago when it morphed into the Apex. Look for the debut of a new rider forward ergonomic package with a shortened hood similar to the Apex.

Clearly the Big Y is not content to sit still these days and with everything else in its camp becoming rider forward in design, the rider-over-tunnel Vector has to be next in line to get an update.

We don’t think the engine – probably the best 4-stroke mill in the industry right now, will change much except for the possible addition of EFI.

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