Fast’s New Suspension

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A new member of the M-Series suspension family has just been announced for this season. Called the M-12, it’s an ultra long-travel skid built for extra tough for ditch-banging and aggressive riding.

A look at the stats tells us this is the longest travel production rear suspension system in the industry.

Like earlier M-Series suspensions, this new one is made to soak up the whoops and moguls with 11.9” of real travel where it counts: Under your rear.

We’re told Team Fast’s proprietary geometry is tuned specifically for the most aggressive and experienced riders, but the skid retains plenty of cruising character for trail performance, too.

Available now to fit Arctic 2003-2006 Firecats, Polaris XC and Fusion, Ski-Doo Rev and MXZ chassis, and all the Yamaha 4-stroke chassis.

More at www.TEAMFAST.COM

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