Could We See A New T-Cat?

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We’ve heard persistent rumors of the re-invention of the Thundercat. If this is true, we look for an all-new sled with the power potential to run nose-to-nose with Ski-Doo’s potent Mach-Z.

This rumor – while just that – has substantial credibility from a couple of perspectives. First, Arctic Cat has been very possessive of its ownership of the biggest, baddest production snowmobile since the early ‘90s.

The Mach-Z clearly mows Arctic Cat’s grass and it makes sense the Thief River Falls crew would be anxious to win back that turf from Ski-Doo. Our sensors are picking up a 2-stroke SDI or DI powerplant as the motivation for the rumored T-Cat.

This runs counter to what many have been speculating for Arctic Cat’s next top performance sled. If the engine is a 2-stroke it will have to be clean and that means Semi-Direct or full Direct Injection.

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