Could Arctic Cat Have More to Show in ’08?

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After an amazing 2007 Twin Spar introduction, could the TRF brain trust have more to show in model year 2008?

While it’s unlikely Cat will offer another new model introduction the magnitude of 2007, we do expect detail refinements and possibly some new engine tech to surface on 2008 models.

Clearly, AC is getting traction on EPA 2-stroke certification with its new 1000 twin, its knock sensor equipped 800 and EFI II equipped 600. However, we suspect another 4-stroke, possibly a variant of the already potent Jaguar twin, is a possibility.

Arctic Cat has had amazing success with turbocharging the venerable 660 triple and consumers are very comfortable with turbo technology. The all-new Suzuki 4-stroke in the Jaguar uses a bottom end stout enough to handle some extra boost. Hmm, wouldn’t a Turbo Jag Z-1 be sweet?

Let’s do the math here. The 660 4-stroke triple without a turbo produces about 65 ponies. With 23 pounds of boost it delivers 110 stallions. If we take this kind of turbo-leap, about 65 percent, and apply it to the Z- 1’s 125 HP you get, ahh, over 200 HP.

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