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Press Release –

S.C.M.X. is glad to announce that it has received a special authorization from I.S.R. (International Snowmobile Racing), for the 2008 – 2009 season.

JUNIOR 14 – 17 class drivers will be allowed to use 2 different sleds: a STOCK 440 liquid or a SUPER STOCK 600 equiped with a SPECIAL throttle lever.

Participants who will choose to use a SUPER STOCK 600 c.c. will have to get the special throttle lever from S.C.M.X. . This special throttle lever is built so that when the throttle is pushed to the maximum, the carburator opening is only 50 % . The performance of the SUPER STOCK 600 c.c. sled will then be comparable to the performance of a STOCK 440 c.c. liquid.

According to some dyno testing, the power curve of both engines (STOCK 440 c.c. liquid and SUPER STOCK 600 c.c. equipped with the SPECIAL throttle lever) is similar.

During the 2008 – 2009 Season, S.C.M.X. will send comments and results to I.S.R. and the manufacturers. If the results of this experience are positive, then at the May 2009 I.S.R. Rules Meeting, a similar rule could be adopted by the I.S.R. affiliated sanctioning groups, for years to come.

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