BRP Sells Groomer Division

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For those snowmobilers interested in trail grooming equipment, this will come as a surprise. BRP’s (Bombardier) Industrial Division – makers of the legendary “Ski-Dozer”, “Muskeg” and “BR” series of snow grooming and high flotation tracked vehicles was sold in early August to Camoplast Inc. This is the same Camoplast who supplies every snowmobile OEM with tracks.

Not coincidentally, Camoplast was actually a Bombardier owned company (Camoplast Rockland) and went on their own in the 1980s. BRP’s President,Jose Boisjoli, has made it clear the focus of BRP in the future will be recreational products.

Also, this move should provide the new BRP with a substantial cash injection, useful to power up future initiatives. No word on whether the former Industrial Division product lines will become “Camoplasts” at this writing.

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