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On December 21, 2006 freestyle snowmobiler, factory Yamaha and Unbound Energy Drink sponsored rider, Jimmy Blaze set the new long distance backflip record at an amazing 103 feet.

Set at the O’gio riding facility in Salt Lake City, Utah, the planning, preparation and all that went into the record jump were filmed for the hit Discovery Channel show, Stunt Junkies.

With full factory support from Yamaha, Jimmy set the world record on the new modified 2007 Phazer. Setting a record of this magnitude does not go without help; Jimmy’s stunt team consisted of stunt coordinator, Sebastian Landry, O’gio motorsports team manager Jason Fisher, and ramp technician Tyler Johnson.

The days leading up to the record setting stunt, including all the preparation, practice, mechanical work and behind the scenes action were all captured on film for Stunt Junkies.

Never before has a series gone so in depth as to show the inside world of today’s hottest action sports athletes, and Jimmy Blaze’s stunt was no exception.

From the beginning stages of planning, to the location scout, to the landing and take off ramp build, to practice day, and finally to the dramatic and down-to-the-wire stunt day, Stunt Junkies takes you into the life of Yamaha’s number one factory freestyle snowmobile rider Jimmy Blaze and his record setting stunt.

Tune in to Stunt Junkies on the Discovery Channel to watch Jimmy Blazes’ record setting stunt in its entirety.

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