Blair Morgan Injury Update

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In an effort to keep fans, friends and supporters of Blair Morgan up-to-date following his serious injury during a practice in Montreal last week, his wife Terri has forwarded the following message to the media.

I wanted to first say thank you for the overwhelming support, well wishes as well as the lovely flowers Blair has received. The room smells wonderful, much like a botanical garden and we have run out of counter space. Just knowing how many lives he has touched is so wonderful.

This update of his recovery is overdue and I apologize for how late it is coming to you our focus has definitely been on arranging his return closer to home and of course the initial shock and urgency in his immediate needs.

Late afternoon Monday September 22nd Blair was moved from the ICU unit in the hospital to a recovery floor. He is working closely with his physiotherapist, occupational therapists and the hospital staff on his recovery.

He still has no sensations or movement in his lower body, however he is working on managing the pain around his T4 and T5 vertebrae and keeping his upper body strong.

He is dealing very well with the his difficult experience with a positive and focused attitude all the while missing Corbyn and Breck and looking forward to moving facilities to be closer to family.

I have been watching Blair stay strong and work hard for the past six days since the accident and all I can say is how proud I am of him and how much of a fighter he is in any situation.


Terri Morgan

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