800 Switchback Assault 144

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We were curious about what would happen if you blended the Blackjack front clip from the RUSH with a more conventional shock-in-skid rear end. The result is outstanding. The Switchback Assault is definitely a powder targeted ride and actually reverts back in some ways to the philosophy behind the old Snow King Special (SKS) Polarii of yore.

Of course, this is much more advanced and evolved platform and, for those who are focused on hill country and deep powder flatland riding, the combo of this featherweight chassis and the new 2-injector 800 is tough to beat.

Unlike the RMK, the SW Assault uses a wider 42.5-inch ski stance and Walker Evans piggyback shocks calibrated for trail use along with tipped-up, reinforced slide rails.

There’s no coupling in this suspension and the track is much shorter than an RMK at 144 inches. Lugs are 1.352 deep but still grab plenty of snow in loose conditions and can get down the trail nicely without tearing up your riding buddies’ complexions.

Unique mountain Assault features abound such as a perforated snowflap, rationalized switchgear, bar hooks and adjustable Pro-Taper handlebars.

The SW Assault looks for all the world like a mountain sled and its performance is certainly more targeted at that market. It is, however, a fairly competent trail sled delivering reasonably quick handling and a decent trail ride.

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