2007 F Top End Performance Tips

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Here’s some stuff we learned about the new Arctic Cat “F”‘s.

MPH: 85-105
RPM: 8000
Fuel: (no premium) 87 Octane only

MPH: 90-110
RPM: 7900
Fuel: (no premium) 87 Octane only

MPH: 95-115
RPM: 7350
Fuel: (no premium) 87 Octane only

• Frame front arm straps (up ½ inch up)
• Dully runner to single (1 to 2 mph w/arm strap up ½”)
• Rear coupler blocks in lowest position (improves traction)
• Low windshield 2-3 mph faster than mid and 5-6 mph faster than tall
• Additional Idler wheels in frame 2-5 mph (based on snow conditions) saves on hifax
• 96 studs (minimum) is recommended to stop track spinning at low, mid and top speeds in marginal traction conditions (huge difference in acceleration)
• 2 gram heavier drive clutch weights may improve speed in a straight hard flat drag condition, but will generally pull down bad in deeper snow

Update Bulletin

ECU update eliminates 5500 rpm lean spot also improves backfiring & exhaust flame up.

Misc. related Specs

• Ck belt alignment and deflection adjust to spec
• Ck track tension and adjust to spec.
• Confirm 12 oz lube in gear case.
• Confirm exhaust valve cable length

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