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Our Yamaha sleds – specifically the Nytro, Vector and Apex are darting and hunting. We’ve been living with it and you’ve been emailing us. Yikes – it’s a problem.

Here’s why your Nytro is lifting the inside ski. When you set up for a turn you invariably gauge the amount of body english, counter weighting and steering input you need to apex the turn.

When you’re set-up and carving – enjoying a nice clean arc – the skis on the Nytro will most often find another track line in the trail and cut harder to the inside (sometimes it’s the other way – to the outside) and this creates inside ski lift.

You can’t possibly react fast enough to hang out and counter weight the sled because the “dart” comes completely without warning.

Get this straight – you can’t get rid of the actual inside lift – however you can make it totally controllable and predictable so it only occurs in the measure you want when you want it.

Enter the Snow Tracker ski system. This weird looking set up installs as quickly as a new set of carbides requiring only one ½ inch hole be bored into the front leading surface of the bottom of the ski.

These wild and aggressive looking pieces create a completely settled, controllable and rider determined response to any trail surface we’ve covered in seven weeks of riding this season.

We’ve tried a set of USI skis on the Vector with Stud Boy Deuce bars and these are also very effective at controlling darting. However, I would warn you that the Nytro and the Vector do not need more aggressive ski profiles – they need dual skags or Snow Trackers.

Look for Snow Tracker’s full-page ad in Supertrax Volume 19, #3 and visit snowtracker.com

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