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Ski-Doo’s new XP platform uses the same Pilot 5.0 ski we’ve seen before. Only diff is the switch to one factory installed carbide instead of two.

We’re not sure why they did this – other than everything on the sled is rationalized for less weight. The issue is this – the XP’s are darty and on certain surfaces we’ve found them to be tiring to ride as they shake their heads and go on autopilot.

Seems weird, as these skis have been highly effective at controlling darting in the past. Not anymore.

The XP handles incredibly well – despite this issue – and really does not have an inside ski-lift issue as a result of an extremely low roll centre and CG.

The issue we wanted to alleviate was the tiring and annoying darting. Done. Fixed.

We put on the Snow Trackers and our Renegade 800 X 137 settled down nicely and now tracks straight and true.

One issue we have noticed with the XP 800 is a fairly heavy steering feel not present on the other sleds we’ve used the Snow Trackers on.

Keep in mind you’re literally sitting on top of the skis with the new XP layout.

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