How Important Is The Noise Your Sled Makes?

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We’ve been asking ourselves this question a lot lately in light of the introduction of more 4-stroke sleds.

Everyone around the Supertrax office gets positively horny at the sound of the 3-cylinder Vector and the 4-cylinder Apex. In fact, we’re prepared to give the title, “National Anthem of Snowmobiling”, formerly held by the legendary XLT, to the Yamaha Apex.

The sound is addictive and produces unlimited goose bumps at 10,800 RPM. Add to these two orchestral sleds the symphonic melody produced by the new Phazer at full whack and it appears Yamaha is winning hearts with pleasing noises.

Participate in our current poll on snowmobile auditory experience. Let us know what you think and how the sound of a snowmobile affects you. We’ll pass on the results to the manufacturers and let them hear (cough) your thoughts.

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