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Special Editorial by Kent Lester

Sadly, for 2008, the much loved ZR based, turbocharged T660 and Turbo Touring have been deleted from the product list.

The Jaguar ZI has proven fully capable of filling the 4-stroke void and the new T-Series Twin spar based Touring and Touring LXR Cats will make 2-up riders quickly forget about the turbos.

The new TZ-1 Touring sleds are incredibly well equipped, featuring convertible passenger seats and an outstanding list of available comfort features like CatComm communicators, remote start and heated seats.

The new TZ-1 and fully jammed LXR Touring sleds come standard with the Z1’s 1050cc 4-stroke and the lesser equipped T-500 and T-570 Touring Cats come with either an EFI 500 liquid 2-stroke or a fan-cooled 570 twin.

All Touring models have optional tunnel and side bag touring accessory capability and adjustable seating options for both the rider and passenger.

In 2008 the only 660 turbo offering from Arctic Cat is in the normally work-intended Bearcat. Cat has been hard at work refining and improving the Bearcat and after sampling this sled on a series of test rides, we’ve been blown away!

Improvements to the front and rear suspension and the ample power from the turbocharged triple (110hp) have turned this somewhat heavy workhorse into a great riding and handling sled with sufficient jam to make it fun and interesting both on the trails and in the wide open spaces.

We’re not kidding when we say this sled can still pose as a credible touring sled with plenty of storage and unique versatility.

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