The Hardcore Snowmobiler Award Goes To…

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This is the type of guy that reads Supertrax!

I’m a die-hard snowmobiler and logged 2,100 miles in 5.5 days. I left Wausau, WI alone at 2 pm on Sunday, March 4th on my 2007 Crossfire 1000 Sno Pro.

I tried to get some friends to go too, but they all thought I was nuts. It doesn’t bother me being alone on a ride because you don’t have to keep looking back.

I made it to Watermeet, MI on Sunday night and then on Monday rode to St. Ignace. Tuesday I rode into Ontario across the Ice Bridge north of Drummond Island and stayed at the Hilton Bay at St. Joseph Island.

Wednesday I left for Wawa, Ontario and stopped halfway for fuel at about $8.50/gallon. I left Wawa on Thursday and drove around through Chapleau ending up in Bruce Mines Ontario, and then headed for home as the weather was supposed to warm up over the weekend.

My sled never had a chance to cool off except for fuel stops and a sip of soda. I logged 634 miles on my last day after 25 hours of continuous riding and never had a problem with my Cat.

I have regular flashes of my experience on that trip and found out a lot about myself and my sled. I’ll do this trip again and again as long as there’s snow and anyone interested in joining me is more than welcome.

I’ve always gone on my own endurance runs, but this one puts the icing on the cake.

Marv Lenzner

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