HOLESHOT: REV XP Platform Making Its Mark

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By: AJ Lester

Seems Ski-Doo sponsored teams in the WPSA lucky enough to have the ultra light XP chassis are enjoying the new REV platform. Supertrax was on site at the WPSA Grand Prix event in Valcourt, QC Canada and witnessed the XP being put to the test.

From the moment it hit the track, racers were loving the light weight and more centralized design of the XP chassis throwing down impressive track times and whipping the XP like it was a freestyle competition.

The Crew here at Supertrax has racked up some serious miles in the short time we’ve had our ‘08 XP 800R Adrenaline. The new motor is a force to be reckoned with pulling hard from initial tip.

It leaves our 2007 XRS 800 in the dust and it’s no slouch! The 800R seems to just sip fuel, matching and sometimes bettering our 600 SDI Ski-Doo at the pumps.

Handling and ergo’s are far superior to the original REV and actually make it seem old fashioned when switching back and forth. Knee angles are improved allowing riders that complained of sore knees on the original REV to ride comfortably.

Cheese grater running boards scream lightweight and do an amazing job of clearing out the snow even in the deepest powder and the huge weight reduction is noticeable on the trails allowing the rider to push the sled around when carving a fast line.

Grab the latest issue of SUPERTRAX for a closer look at the new 2008 Ski-Doos.

AJ is a full-time Editor and test rider for Supertrax International, North America’s #1 Snowmobile Enthusiast Publication. During his ten year career racing Sno-X he amassed multiple National and Regional Championships, scoring a record 26 Semi-Pro National victories in the 2002/2003 season. AJ’s years of experience ensure his often humorous opinions on everything from racing rules to trail sled performance and handling tips are both credible and insightful.

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