Fueling Conspiracies

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In this edition of ‘INSIDE TRAX’ Kent Lester shares his thoughts on rising fuel prices. Read an excerpt below taken right from the pages of Supertrax!

This just in: Gas prices appear to be rising. Unless you’ve been sucked into a time warp, you already feel the pain every time you pull up to the pumps.

Here’s another news flash: Oil profits are increasing. What a coincidence. Just when the big drinking straw through the earth’s crust is supposedly sucking air, the oil cartel is raising its prices skyward and increasing its bottom line.

Snowmobilers consume fossil fuels within a relatively small window of time each year and, on the world scale, the few barrels of oil needed to serve the sledding community are insignificant compared to the rushing torrents required by the airline, shipping and industrial sectors. It’s really all about politics but, when the crunch hits, guess who’ll get the axe first.

On the surface it seems to make sense. The world is consuming oil at an ever increasing rate and since they’re not making any more of the stuff, supplies have a limited life span.

If you’re a sheik in the Middle East, you’re undoubtedly concerned your fleet of collector Ferraris could be compromised if all the oil wells run dry. Actually, this possibility is what really drives prices higher and creates conspiracy theories.

One recent theory is that the oil zillionaires themselves are promoting the rabid use of hybrid cars and the development of the hydrogen powered vehicles hypnotizing Leonardo DiCaprio, Pam Anderson and other savvy engineering types.

Although it seems counter to their goals, by selling North Americans on the use of these supposed fuel sipping cars, the oil barons get to stay in business a lot longer. Apparently they know there’s only a small fraction of the population who’ll buy hybrids and hydros anyway, and… wait a minute, they can just keep increasing prices to infinity.

The bottom line stays strong, there’s a little less oil drained from the big tank and everyone with a derrick gets to keep buying Gulfstreams. No matter how much we conserve, we keep paying more.

Read more in Supertrax Volume 19, #2.

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