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Read an excerpt below of Mark Lester’s MOTORHEAD taken right from the pages of Supertrax!

Many loyal Supertrax readers know we are predisposed to not throwing out “Sled of the Year” awards and other such niceties.

Back at the turn of the century we went on record with our “Snowmobile of the Millennium” award, bestowing it on the Chrysler Sno-Runner in an effort to underscore our cynicism toward these patronage scented adornments.

Okay, that first paragraph sounds pretty self righteous. Here we go: We’re in.

The first-ever annual SUPERTRAX Best In Class (BIC) Awards are in your hands. We decided after reviewing other snowmobile “awards” we needed to deliver something with more substance, meaning and impact.

Snowmobile of the Year? Naw, that’s not even close to being realistic. C’mon, in any given year there’s never really one sled that’s totally worthy. Need proof? Check out some of the whiz-bang winners from a decade ago that earned this title.

Actually, if it weren’t politically incorrect to do so, we’d comment on the credibility of the sleds we’ve observed over the years that have gained this distinction in their very first year of production. Unfortunately (or fortunately), some have been made jest of on these pages. Time has a way of bringing things into focus.

We think the best way to do this is to bestow BIC status on our favorites – the sleds we see as significant in a variety of popular classes. Thus we have the BIC awards (our very first acronym) for your reading enjoyment.

Read more in Supertrax Volume 19, #3.

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