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By Chris Downs

In 2004 we (two riders on two sleds) started from Caribou, Maine and headed through Quebec to Mantane. Then took the ferry across the St. Lawrence to Godbout.

We continued up the north shore and crossed dozens of bays to Blanc Sablon where we took a short trailer ride to NORTHERN LIGHTS INN in Lanse au Loup, Labrador.

We waited out a storm for a day then got a sea faring Captain to get us across the straits on the mighty Labrador Venture to Sandy Cove NF.

We headed on through to Roddington and the great folks there took us through the Long Range mountains to Deer Lake. The next day we got within 20 miles of Port au Basque, but it got dark and we were down a headlight.

We took another short trailer ride to ferry 8 hours across to North Sydney Nova Scotia, then trailered to the trail head and stayed in New Glassgow. We continued on to Moncton, Bathurst, St Quentin, NB and back to Caribou.

We ended up going 2,700 miles in 21 days and about 50 miles by trailer. Great riding, great people, great places – an EXCELLENT ADVENTURE.

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