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Polaris Extra Tall Clear Windshield

Polaris Extra Tall Clear Windshield

As we head into the coldest part of the riding season every snowmobiler knows the right equipment to protect yourself from the elements is key to fully maximizing the enjoyment of your overall snowmobiling experience.

Sure, it starts with quality riding gear but one of the easiest ways to protect yourself from winter and the environment is by installing an extra tall windshield on your machine.

Polaris' large-sized windshields fit most 2021and 2022 Polaris sleds and these windshields are excellent for creating a pocket of comfort to protect you from the bone-chilling wind, unsuspecting brush and snow roost.

It installs easily to existing mount locations using stock hardware and is constructed from an ultra-durable polycarbonate for unobstructed, crystal-clear sightlines.

$169.99 USD or $219.99 CAD.

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