Tom Kallman

I learned how to ride in high school on a '78 El Tigre 5000. Who thought putting metal bars on the track was a good idea?

5 kids limited time on a sled. Hockey occupied a lot of our winters. I joked with my kids that I would buy each a sled if they quit hockey. I always tried to have at least 2 trips a year. Now, they have the drive to ride.

Snowmobiling is my passion. The smiles inside your helmet when you pin the throttle or jump a drift ? there's nothing like it. I ride in MN, WI, MI. My brother and I lead several different groups of riders, young and "aged". From hardcore to novice. Nearly every new rider I've introduced to the sport creates some gut busting laughs, crashes, and unforgettable moments. I've kept every snowmobile magazine I've ever purchased, 130+ since '99. A valuable resource of sled knowledge. My '01 ZR800 brought plenty of smiles and lot's of miles. The '07 MXZ800 helped me appreciate what the REV chassis did for the entire snowmobile industry. I've quickly rebuilt 2 engines in my basement just to get out the next weekend.

I've done the best I can with the resources I have. Someday, I hope to ride in the mountains... And everyone I've ever ridden with in 46 years is invited. I'm not the greatest (Tucker Hibbert). I'm not the best (Blair Morgan). I would consider it an honor to be your next North America's Top Snowmobiler. Let's Ride!

Tom Kallman