Aaron Schnell

My dad got me into snowmobiling when I was old enough to hang on and go for a rip. My dream from then on out was to buy and own my own sled and I finally got the chance when I was 15.

I started with a 1991 Indy 500 classic and 6 years and 3 sleds later I could finally afford a brand new sled. I ride as much as possible whether the trails are open around where I live, riding around the farm and the fields and ditches around my house, in the UP, or on the snocross track. I ride every chance I get.

My buddies and I usually take 3 or more trips to the UP every year. I enjoy riding because it helps clear my head and helps me get away from problems big or small in my life at the moment. It's also a great time hanging with friends and meeting other people in the snowmobile community.

I'm North America's Top Snowmobiler because snowmobiling for me isn't just a hobby, it's a lifestyle and it's not just something to do to get me through the winter. I wait and follow the snowmobile world all year long and it's a dream of mine to some day find a career in the industry.