Michael Davison

Since I was a young child I've always wanted to do nothing but ride. My parents had a 2001 500 grand touring and a 2003 600 grand touring, these were my introduction to "long tracks".

Growing up in Ontario these aren't a lot of opportunities for back country riding. At 17 years old I took a job at the ski hill as a snowmaker trying to get as much riding as I possibly could for my environment.

Two years ago I bought my first heavily used 154 summit and travelled 16 hours to the Chic Choc mountains in Quebec and that's where my perspective really changed, travelling no longer became a question but a necessity.

Last winter I travelled back the the Chic Chocs to ride the trees to get my new 2018 Freeride broken in before my first trip to B.C.

Since my trip to eagles pass and Boulder Mountain its all I can think about regarding snowmobiling and hope one day I can lengthen my time spent there.

This season I am planning on taking my 2019 summit to Chic Chocs again as well as sending it back to B.C. for 6 weeks, I wont be able to spend all that time riding as I am spending some seat time in the trail groomer for the Meaford Ridgerunner Snowmobile Club, hopefully I can make 2 trips - One week in Sicamous area and one in Whistler.

I truly have a passion for snowmobiling and love helping people learn a new style of riding but my favourite thing is riding with people that can take me to school, I don't mind being a student!