Sheldon Kelly

My name is Sheldon Kelly. I was making a snowmobile film called winter nutz for a few seasons. I started filming because I wanted to share our enjoyment for the sport with family and friends in our home town.

I wanted to film anyone who always wanted a shot to be in a movie and it was so cool to see peoples' enjoyment each year when they saw themselves in a film which I would premiere at a local pub each fall.

I snowbike on my YZ450 TimberSled and boondock in the trees with my 2015 Polaris Pro 800 and hit the steep and deep with my Yamaha SRViper Turbo.

I really enjoy sharing great days on the snow with a wide variety of friends. I have a huge group of people I meet in Revelstoke that travel from all over to meet up and ride together and I have great days with my local Cranbrook friends in our great local riding spots.

I love the freedom sledding gives me. Snowbiking opened up a new door to that, and now I can take in every aspect of riding on the snow with each of my toys.

I am North Americas Top Snowmobiler because I like to share this sport with anyone who wants to join me. I share my spare sled with friends who aren't fortunate enough to purchase their own and I like to take people out riding from out of town as well.

I feel like I have the talent for the most extreme riding and exploring and I'd love to continue to share my experiences on a Ski-Doo and be a Ski-Doo Ambassador.