Dustin Boyd

Why do I think I'm North America's Top Snowmobiler? Because I absolutely love everything to do with sledding!

I was involved in the last NATS contest but got bumped out by Justin Evans who later went on to win the competition. Well, I wanted to try again!

A lot has changed since then. I now have a beautiful little girl who loves everything with an engine, including sleds! Having a daughter has really shifted my gears when it comes to sledding. I purchased her a 2002 Mini Z when she was 5 weeks old, and now she calls it her Vroom-Vroom. I cannot wait to get her involved in the sport and to share my passion with the most important person on earth.

Instead of thinking about trips with the guys, I now think about spending days on sled with my family. Having a cook up in the woods, or just teaching my daughter how to ride a sled. It's brought a new definition to my passion for sledding.

My brother in law and I also finished Cain's Quest this year. It's renowned as the world's longest and toughest snowmobile endurance race. This was a huge undertaking for a couple rookies, but we jumped in head first and did it. Now, we didn't come close to winning, but we did finish it and that was such a dream come true!

I may not hit the biggest jumps, be the smoothest, or the most technical rider out there - but I can assure you that NO ONE smiles as big or as hard as I do when I'm on a sled. It's the best therapy anyone can have, and no matter what is going on in my life, when I pull on my helmet and start picking a line through the trees on my sled, I'm instantly relaxed and happy.

Being named North America's Top Snowmobiler would be beyond anything I?ve ever accomplished in the realm of snowmobiling. One of my best friends, Troy Burt, won the first NATS competition and I would love to bring the title back to Newfoundland. I know it's a lot of work, and it won't come easy - but I'm ready to show the world that I AM NORTH AMERICA'S TOP SNOWMOBILER!