Brad Spies

My name is Brad Spies. I?m a Colorado Native, growing up just outside Denver, near Castle Rock in a small town called Sedalia.

Ever since I knew what snowmobiles were, I was obsessed with them. My passion for snowmobiling is borderline scary, but I truly believe there?s no better way to enjoy winter than behind the bars of a snowmobile.

I grew up playing many sports through high school and ultimately played baseball throughout my college years. However, I took advantage of as many free weekends as I could to get out and ride during college. When I graduated back in 2014 my focus shifted from being a great baseball player and snowmobiler to just being a great snowmobiler. I?ve taken this process very seriously, completing both my Avalanche I and II courses with the Silverton Avalanche School in Southern Colorado and worked hard to introduce myself to influential riders so I can learn as much as I can from them on how they approach winters - from riding, to sled prep and maintenance, to workouts, and riding destinations.

I also enjoy getting new people out and involved in the sport. I?ve started an annual office trip where I take anywhere from 3-8 new riders up to enjoy the mountains on a snowmobile. Seeing them experience snowmobiling in the backcountry for the first time is something I get a kick out of.

I ride as much as I can throughout the winter - last year logging 50 days on my sled and about 1,500 miles throughout Colorado, Wyoming, and British Columbia. I love riding in BC and have traveled there a few times to ride at CKMP and learn from those who I believe to be some of the best riders in the industry. I also joined forces last winter with Power World Sports in Granby, CO as a backcountry ambassador and helped out at snowmobile expos, avalanche seminars, and building new client relationships.

I can talk about snowmobiles any day, all day - so I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to influence the industry I am so passionate about. I have spent a lot of time working to build my following on social media, and have started to create a good following on Instagram where I share the majority of my snowmobile adventures throughout the season (bspies22).

I truly believe my passion for snowmobiling is second to none and I firmly believe I am North America's Top Snowmobiler. I am looking forward to this challenge and getting my competitive juices flowing again to chase down an awesome prize and title that is being offered through this competition.

Ultimately, I am just trying to do as much as I can to push myself to become a better rider and someone who positively impacts the snowmobile community.

Thanks for the opportunity!