Supertrax Rides the ‘09 IQ 600 SP

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By: Kent Lester

Most of our exposure to the IQ SP chassis last March was riding an 800SP.

We loved that sled and we were curious to see how it would work with less power.

No problem. The 125hp 600 is such a strong running mill, it actually blesses this chassis beyond what we expected.

Our early season riding has pretty much confirmed what we anticipated. This sled is very fast, feels super-light and can ditch bang or trail ride on par with the considerably lighter MX-Z E-TEC.

Our Supertrax testers felt one of the sled’s biggest assets was its ergonomics.

Whether sitting or standing, this sled fits just about everyone perfectly.

The windshield is pretty much useless but that seems to be the status quo in this class. Go figure.

Head to head with eight other sleds from four different manufacturers, the SP scored high on the “I’d buy this sled” scale.

It’s tough to put your finger on why it’s so universally liked. Probably has something to do with the overall combo of everything.

The motor is smooth and delivers shockingly abundant power with no vibes, clutching is as perfect as it gets, the ride is stupid good, considering it’s targeted at an aggressive riding segment and the tweaked IQ handling is flat-out magical.

This one’s worth the extra money.

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