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Supply chain issues this season have made getting your hands on everything from aftermarket parts, to gear to that pre-studded track you had your heart set on frustrating to say the least. In the case of your track, Woody's has a solution.

Woody's twist screws are easy to install and are available in a variety of depths from 13-33mm with a round or sharpened carbide tip depending on your preference.

Each Twist Screw kit also includes the Woody's Twist Screw Installation Tool to make installing your twist screws a breeze.


* High-grade carbon steel with carbide insert
* Self-tapping technology
* Anti-corrosive plating
* Installation tool included in each package
* Snowmobile tracks remains unharmed when screw is removed
* For use in any rubber tread/sole/lug that is 12mm+

Icy riding conditions can be dangerous and additional traction from studding will not only keep you safe, it will maximize the performance of your sled, so get a grip!

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