Joshua Collins

Hey guys and gals! My name is Josh Collins and I ride a lot in the winters with great opportunities as I work construction industry and receive most of my winters off. This gives me the ability to get out there and experience the greatest scenery Ontario/Quebec Canada offers.

I ride to fuel my soul. I feel that getting out and contributing to this industry is highly economical and is a value most Canadians hold dear to their hearts. It is a means of our social culture and is fun at the same time!

I could talk for hours about snowmobiling stories, tech, and destinations I have had the pleasure of riding at so far.

Snowmobiling breathes life into communities that wouldn?t see much economic growth in the winter time. They rely on this industry heavily and are in need of a spokesperson for this job. This is why I think I am North America's Top Snowmobiler!

I would like to everyone so much for the time and energy you put in each and every year!

Kind Regards,

Josh Collins