SNOWTRAX TV 2020 - Episode 4 Sneak Peek


Coming up on the next episode of SNOWTRAX TV...

AJ drags the 2020 Backcountry Xrs into the TRAIL TECH shop to make it a little bit more family friendly while preserving its macho appeal with the addition of some key accessories from Kimpex. Key to its multi-use transformation is the popular Seat Jack from Kimpex which includes heated hand grips, adjustable backrest and an RCA outlet which can accommodate the passenger rider's heated helmet shield.

Further adding to its trail-ability, AJ installs a set of Kimpex RUSH style skis along with Kimpex Rouski Gen3 retractable ski wheels which make steering easy while at the same time protecting your skis and carbide runners from premature wear. Rounding out the transformation are some additional accessories to aid with visibility and comfort along with a review of the CKX Mission helmet with all new AMS technology.

Then AJ turns his attention to EVOlutionizing our Indy EVO to keep up with the growth spurt of our junior sled-head. With the purchase of the EVOLUTION kit from Polaris your mid size Indy EVO can be easily transformed to a larger full-speed 550 Indy.

Finally in TEST RIDE, Luke ventures deep into the backcountry with Arctic Cat's 2020 RIOT X 8000 and pushes its limits to see if it can really conquer any challenge.