SnowTrax 2018 - Episode 2 Sneak Peek


Coming up on an all-new episode of SnowTrax Television:

We continue our adventure in Newfoundland alongside Troy Burt - winner of the 2016 North America’s Top Snowmobiler competition and 5 Toes riding ambassador - through the backcountry of the province. Watch as AJ and Troy go all out in the snow aboard Gen4 Ski-Doo Summits and push each other to their limits going beyond their comfort zone of riding. Insane hill climbing, jumps and trail ripping included!

AJ is installing a Super-Traction Grid from SUPERCLAMP on his trailer track which provides incredible additional grip and accommodates both snowmobiles and ATVs. Can be installed on both trailers and truck decks.

And Motorhead Mark is here to give his detailed impressions on the “anti-crossover” 2018 Yamaha Sidewinder S-TX DX 146.

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