Congratulations… You've Chosen Québec!

Congratulations… You've Chosen Québec!

Great news, you've decided to visit Québec this winter! Get ready to be impressed; there's much, much more to snowmobiling in Québec than most riders expect or dream of - and it's all good!

As soon as snowmobilers cross the border and head north, east or west, within a surprisingly short distance they begin to see the difference in snow accumulation. We like to tell first-time travelers: "Just watch the fence posts beside the road." You'll see the fallen snow levels climbing higher on those posts at times of the year other regions are struggling just trying to get their trails open.


That thick, rich snow blanket is the stuff of dreams for hardcore snowmobilers and is the foundation for building the best snowmobile trails on earth! Everywhere you look you'll see laser-smooth trails groomed over gorgeous meadows and through pristine forest glades in close proximity to the sea. Great as it is, it's only part of the Québec snowmobiling adventure.

Québec offers a unique cultural experience. The province's focus on comfort and cuisine provides incredible dining and accommodation, along with an environment that welcomes visitors with a level of warmth and service unsurpassed by any other area, anywhere. You and your travelling crew will be surprised at the variety of quaint, clean, fully equipped inns and hotels available on-trail and the quality of dining you'll experience.

Get iMotoneige Now!

How do you find the best places? It's easy. This year Québec has revisited its interactive map for snowmobilers and increased the featured services on it from 200 to 600, including gas stations, accommodations, restaurants, snowmobile dealers and tourist attractions. You can reach them all by snowmobile and all you need to do is download the app, iMotoneige, onto your smartphone.

With iMotoneige along with you, you'll know exactly where you are at any point within the vast Québec trail system. Not only do you have the comforting assurance of not getting lost, but downloading iMotoneige lets you plan your itinerary and track your position, find restaurants and hotels – all without a data plan or cell signal. The information is already inside your phone!

Get it on Google Play | Download on the App Store

Start Planning

If you'd like to have a paper map with you on your trip or when you’re making your trip plans, you can order it at

Trail Permits Are A Must!

It's important you buy your annual Québec trail permits online.

**This is the best way to purchase your annual permits and you should make sure you’ve received them in advance of leaving home!

If you're planning on riding in Québec for only a few days, you can choose from a one-day trail pass, 3-days, 7-days or a full-season permit.

Upon arrival in Québec, it is possible to purchase 1, 3 & 7-day permits from the local snowmobile club in the area where you're starting your journey.

Abitibi-Temiscamingue is the only destination selling daily trail passes online.

Fees for each permit type are available at

Your Equipment Will Be Safe!

There are many overnight destinations easily reached by trail, offering secure storage compounds and facilities (some, even indoor) for your snowmobile. You can securely park your sled for the night, knowing it's in a locked, supervised location while you enjoy a delicious dinner and a warm, cozy overnight stay.

At the outset of your journey it's easy to find inns and resorts that allow you to leave your truck and trailer parked on their premises while you’re exploring the countryside on your snowmobile.

This information is quickly and conveniently available on iMotoneige. Just another reason you should make the iMotoneige app part of your planning regimen!

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