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THE 10 BEST SNOWMOBILE ENGINES OF ALL TIME! This list of 10 encapsulates all that is great in snowmobile powerplants going back several decades.

Yamaha’s “Genesis” designation originally stood for 5-valves per cylinder. In early 2003, SuperTrax was first exposed to the new 20-valve DOHC carbureted 4-stroke in the RX-1.

This was the first pure performance 4-stroke we’d ever ridden and it was impressive. We ran 1000-ft. drag races down a Wisconsin lake against a fleet of SR-X 700s and the RX-1 was faster.

Later, this engine got EFI and found a home in the Apex. Certainly the most complex engine to ever grace a snowmobile chassis, its unique and sweet exhaust tone, its stellar driveability, strong performance and incredible durability are its hallmarks.