Go Snowmobiling!

Stand Up For Snowmobiling!


With a Federal election slated for May 2, Canadian snowmobilers have an important opportunity to get a commitment from candidates to support organized snowmobiling.

Use these two statements and questions at every opportunity, such as candidates' meetings and when candidates come to your door.

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Ask Your Federal Candidates!

Statement #1: The Harper government supported snowmobile trails across Canada with $25 million from Canada's Economic Action Plan, which greatly benefited winter tourism and was much appreciated by club volunteers and tens of thousands of Canadian snowmobilers.

Question: If elected as an MP, will you work through your government to provide more infrastructure funding for organized snowmobiling through a national program?

Statement #2: The Harper government supported snowmobiling in Quebec with $6 million of funding for new groomers, which has been very beneficial to winter tourism and much appreciated by Quebec riders.

Question: If elected as a MP, will you work through your government to confirm similar groomer funding across Canada through a national program?

Quick Facts

$6 B+ - Annual economic impact of snowmobiling nationally
50% - Almost half of Canada's recreation trails are provided by organized snowmobiling
128,00 - Total kilometres of Canada's snowmobile trails
1,166 - Number of pieces of grooming equipment in Canada
$150 M - Value of Canadian grooming fleet
765,000+ - Number of registered snowmobiles in Canada