Hard to imagine we're already talking about Hay Days, snowmobiling's huge annual powersports consumer event held the weekend after Labor Day.

For over 50 years Minnesota's Sno Barons Snowmobile Club has promoted and operated (actually owns) this incomparable event.

This year, as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, some Haydays exhibitors (including Supertrax Magazine and SnowTrax TV) have been on the edge of their seats waiting to hear what, if anything, might change in September.

Hay Days is important; it's were we get to meet and talk with our loyal viewers and readers.


As of a week ago HayDays is officially happening unless the Sno Barons have a change of mind. That sounds a little contradictory, however, we get where they’re coming from. If the event is to go ahead they have to put myriad strategies in motion right now. The caveat about going ahead at this time is especially unsettling for Canadians.


Our problem here at Trax Media is complicated and we want to share this with you now in case of an unsuitable outcome from COVID 19 regulations. As of this writing, the Canada/US border is closed to all but essential services. Simply put, we can't get to Minnesota with our booth and equipment until the border opens.

Even though Hay Days is three months away, powers-that-be have been updating the border closing every 30 days. Right now their next update is the end of June. If this gets extended again, we are in a tough spot.


We're thinking if the border opens in time for Hay Days we have another potential issue to navigate. It's likely voluntary (or maybe mandatory) 14 day quarantines will be in play going either or both ways across the border.

This would be extremely problematic as the September through December period of the year is crazy busy for us with Supertrax Magazine, Go Snowmobiling Ontario Magazine, New York State Snowmobiler Magazine, Dirt Trax TV and SnowTrax TV production all in play.

We simply can't have our staff and crew locked down in Canada or the US for 14 days at that time of year.


There are three scenarios we will be watching. First, open borders on July 1st without quarantines: We can make that work just fine. Second, open borders at the last minute without quarantines. If this takes place we will have staff on site but not likely our booth display. Third, closed borders and we stay home.

That’s where we’re at as of the end of June. We'll keep our fingers crossed and keep you updated.