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No Bull Buyer's Guide

The Supertrax No Bull Buyer's Guide is now available online! All the specs and information you need are just a click away! Be sure to 'share', 'like', and 'comment' on this sled below using our integrated Facebook platform.

Manufacturer: Polaris 
Class: Crossover 
HIGHS: Serious boondocking potential with the Dragon pack. Walker Evans piggybacks offer tons of adjustability. Bar riser delivers improved stand-up ergos. This chassis is superbly balanced and well suited for rough trail, big air and deep snow running. 
LOWS: Leans a bit more toward the serious side of the X-Over equation. Better have your chin strap snug before you throw a leg over these cannons. Thatís not a windshield is it?  
BOTTOM LINE: The base Switchback platform likes mogul bridging and deep snow running on lakes best. The Dragon pack takes it from there adding serious flatland boondocking prowess and big air suspension. Only the serious need apply. 
Engine: Liquid cooled, oil injected, 599cc case reed twin with EFI & electronically controlled exhaust valves. CFI 600: 125hp, CFI 800:154hp (EST). Displacement Variations: 600 & 800cc. 
Carburetion: 2-46mm throttle bodies with throttle position sensor & detonation control.  
Exhaust: 2 into one.  
Clutches: Polaris P-85 primary. P-2 roller cam secondary.  
Track: 136 x 15 x 1.25 Camoplast RipSaw  
Brake Polaris-Phantom dual piston hydraulic with steel braided hose  
Skis: Plastic with carbide runners  
Ski-Stance: 42.5 inches  
Front Suspension: Unequal length, non parallel A-arms with anti-sway bar. Walker Evans piggyback gas shocks. 10 in. travel.  
Rear Suspension: 2-way coupled. Front arm: Walker Evans IFP gas. Rear arm: Walker Evans compression adjustable gas. 13.9 in. travel.  
Fuel Capacity: 11.5 US gal./43.5 liters  
Published Dry Weight: 502/506 lbs. (600/800)  
Wet Weight: 575/ 580 lbs. (EST)  
Special Notes: PERC electronic reverse std. Fixed position steering post. 5.25-inch riser. 
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