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COLORTUNE Tunes by Color

Supertrax International

If only there was an inexpensive and simple tool that enabled you to tune your carburetors or fuel injection perfectly with no guessing. Colortune is a test sparkplug with a high temperature glass window that allows the user to actually look into the engine as it is running and observe the combustion flame in any gas burning engine.

Colortune takes advantage of the principal that different air/fuel mixtures burn different colors, orange is too rich, white is too lean and blue is chemically correct, a 14.7 to 1 ratio.

This principal is easily seen in any gas burning equipment such as a bunsen burner, gas barbecue or propane torch. Temporarily install the Colortune plug, start the engine, observe the combustion color and adjust the mixture until a blue flame is seen, it’s that simple, if you can change a sparkplug you can use Colortune.

Colortune has been available in Europe for many years and has been recommended by major automotive manufacturers. The complete Colortune kit is available in either 10mm, 12mm or 14mm sizes and includes a full color diagnosis chart.

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